Three other Vikas Dubey aides arrested at UP

Police arrested a Kshama Dubey and two others from bikru village late Monday night for allegedly hel…

Kanpur, July 7 — Police arrested a Kshama Dubey and two others from bikru village late Monday night for allegedly helping Vikas Dubey and his men locate police officers hiding near his home when the shooting took place on Friday, July 3.
Kshama Dubey is the wife of Vikas Dubey’s nephew, Sanjay Dubey, and she did not open the doors of their home when one of the cops knocked on a hiding place to save his life during the shooting.
SSP Kanpur Dinesh Kumar Prabhu said: “Instead, Kshama informed Vikas and his aides about the location of the police. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, Vikas’ aides arrived at his house from rooftops and shot dead all the policemen, who were standing near the door of his house. »
Police also arrested Rekha Agnihotri, wife of Dubey’s cook, Dara Shankar, who had been arrested earlier following a brief meeting on Sunday.
Rekha, who also worked as a maid at Vikas, helped the gunmen attack a group of other policemen, who had taken refuge behind a wall in front of Vikas’ house. “When the gunmen opened fire on the police, Rekha was cheering them and shouting that none of the officers should come back alive,” the official said.
Suresh Verma, the third person arrested on Monday night, also applauded the shooters.
The SSP said: “We have arrested all three of their hiding places and reserved them under section 120B. They would be produced by the court and sent to prison later.
According to police, the three men were giving information to Dubey and his henchmen when the shooting occurred at the criminal’s residence in the village of Bikru in Kanpur on July 3.
Police said they were giving all information about the location of police personnel in Dubey during the meeting.
The SSP said they were part of the gang that set a trap for the police team raiding the village of Bikru.
The gangster and his men attacked the police team and killed eight police officers. The incident sparked national outrage even as Vikas Dubey remained out of reach of the police.

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Source: IANS

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