Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal with festive mood

Beginning today the following three days mark a festive mood.

In Tamil calendar, today is the birth of the spring season. ‘Thai’ the first few days are celebrated with everything related to a farmer's life and agriculture. Tamils across the world celebrate the festivity. This time rather significantly political party leaders have joined in celebrating the festival.
It is the celebration of farmers on their bountiful harvest, hence the use of sakkarai pongal and sugarcane. Every household has a sumptuous meal which has six different tastes in it. Beginning today the following three days mark a festive mood.
In today's dawn, the sun saw colourful rangolis mango leaves festoons and boiling over of pongal. Adding to the little happiness is the launching of box office hits and blockbusters in the television. As the Government has banned visitors’ entry in all tourist places, celebrations are at home.
Realizing the situation after Covid, the State Government announced a bonanza through PDS for ration card holders. They were given Rs. 2500 alongwith ingredients to make pongal at home. Another important event is the jallikattu, a traditional and heroic sport to control the bulls. The event begins from today to the 31st of this month.

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Source: All India Radio

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