Delhi HC maintains order of IOA chief Batra against Vice President Mittal

Delhi’s High Court on Friday suspended an order passed by Indian Olympic Association President Naren…

New Delhi, June 12 — Delhi’s High Court on Friday suspended an order passed by Indian Olympic Association President Narender Dhruv Batra against IOA Vice President Sudhanshu Mittal.
Judge C. Harishankar issued the provisional stay to the IOA President’s order adopted on 19 May concerning the removal of applicant Sudhanshu Mittal from the position of Ethics Advisor.
The press release read: “Mittal received relief on Friday from HC Delhi. He had approached the court through Adv. Ankur Chawla and adv. Jayan Mohan. The petition stated that the order issues a date on May 19 regarding its removal adopted by the IOA President is arbitrary and unreasonable and without authorization.
“Petition also stated that, together with the applicant (Sudhanshu Mittal) two other members of the ethics commission are eminent persons being retired High Court judges and senior civil servant also received similar opinions dated 19.05.2020. These opinions are arbitrary, illegal and subject to annull.
“Petitionaire, who was appointed a member of the ethics commission of the Indian Olympic Association and was elected vice-president of the Association by the General Board as well. »
Meanwhile, the quarrel within the IOA took a new turn Friday with Batra once again refuting the allegations made by Mittal, saying that the vice president of the IOA is simply trying to undermine the character of the old and reputation so that he can project himself as the best candidate for the position of president of the IOA in the 2021 elections of the sports organization.
Mittal claimed there had been “blatant violations” in the process that led to Batra being elected president of the IOA in December 2017. He also stated that Batra was not eligible to contest the vote for the IOA president or the election for the leading position at the International Hockey Federation (IHL).
In a letter to Thierry Weil, CEO of the IFH, Batra spoke more about the whole issue and stressed that Mittal had already made clear his intentions to people in the IOA community.

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Source: IANS

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