‘Date Gone Wrong 2’ quarantine edition to be released soon

Speaking about directing the show, Karan Rawal said: “‘Date Gone Wrong’ season 2 is a series about s…

Mumbai, June 30 — The quarantine edition “Date Gone Wrong 2” will soon entertain viewers with a unique view of virtual encounters and the hilarious results of these adventurous initiatives.
Directed by Karan Rawal, the show stars Abhishek Sharrma and Bhakti Maniar.
One episode will have a funny joke between a popular rapper and one of his fans while another episode will present an interesting dialogue between two individuals from different countries that begins with a romantic tone and takes a surprising turn that changes the whole equation.
With Indian dating culture adapting to new-age dating techniques, the show, which was completely shot inside during the lockdown, brings together real people who are looking for true love while being stuck at home this quarantine.
Speaking about directing the show, Karan Rawal said: “‘Date Gone Wrong’ season 2 is a series about singles who are on a journey in search of love in the middle of locking. I hope the audience will shower the same amount of love they did for the first season of this series. »
“Date Gone Wrong 2″ will premiere on July 7 on Eros Now.
With this interesting addition of ‘Date Gone Wrong 2’ to our Eros Now Quickie category, we aim to provide unparalleled entertainment to our audience. We promise to present a fun season to surprise our viewers with new incidents of the new era dating during the lockdown. I’m sure the show with its new unique format of virtual encounters will be completely relatable and appealing to audiences everywhere,” said Ridhima Lulla, Creative Director, Eros Group.

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Source: IANS

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